Rest and Be Thankful

There’s a road near my Mum’s home in Scotland called the Rest and Be Thankful. It is a winding steep road with a sheer drop into the breathtaking valley below.

As Mum drove me down this road on the way to the airport last week I realised that those two simple instructions are valuable lessons to live by, especially for a busy bee like me post marathon.

I’ll throw my hands up and admit I’m not the best at resting. I like to always have something on the go and often take on too much. My calves were tight and I struggled to walk after the run but I also hate being slow, this meant that I was waddling around like a duck and had to admit defeat, giving myself time to physically rest with salt baths and gentle movement, not carrying on at the pace I am used to.
But physical rest is only part of it, I have managed to use this time to mentally rest too. Ever since my first job at age 16, I have placed so much importance on my work ethic, not realising that a good work ethic is as much about balance as it is showing up and doing your job well. I’ve put a lot of effort into learning to switch off over the last few months and can very proudly say that for the whole time I was off, I didn’t look at any work related messages, giving me the time I needed to properly reset and go back this week feeling fresh and ready for the next few months of madness.
I have spent lots of time outside in nature smiling and laughing, loving every second of it whether rain or shine, with others or alone. 

~Be Thankful~
Not only am I thankful for this rest and recovery but for every bit of the journey I went through to get across that finish line 2 weeks ago. 
I have learnt more about my body, mindset and the people I have around me than I could ever have imagined when I started out in April as a non runner.
My body has changed, I loved it before but am even more in awe of it now. I love the strength it has found to move in ways so unfamiliar, to rebuild and keep going after I’ve dragged it through so much, to tell me when enough is enough.
My mindset is stronger than ever before, there was a moment a few months ago I couldn’t see myself reaching this point and everyday was a struggle yet I managed to keep going, not hitting a wall at any point on my adventure along Loch Ness.
My support network has been through changes as I’ve grown through my journey. Some of the people I surround myself with have been around long term, some only a matter of weeks but all who I have kept around bring something different and exciting to my life along with their loving support for my complete and utter madness.

I am also thankful for everyone who has donated to help support the Willow Foundation. You have raised an amazing £608.99 which will be so valuable in organising Special Days for young adults.  with serious illnesses. You can still donate if you would like on my JustGiving Page

And finally thank you to you for reading all the way to the end of my ramble. 


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