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27 years

Happy birthday to me!

I’ve packed a lot into the last 27 years...
8 years asleep
12 years in hospitality
1 year in Australia
2 years in Austria
2 Half-Marathons
1 Marathon
3 serious relationships
1 head shave
4 bereavements
6 Tattoos
1 major concussion
1 breakdown
8 loooooong haul flights
2 Nullabor Crossings
1 foreign language
3 cars
5 siblings
Countless cups of coffee
83 postcards

Not all of it has been sunshine and rainbows but that’s okay, life isn’t meant to be.
I choose to focus on the laughter, the hugs and kisses, the sunsets and sunrises, the adventures, the times curled up with a book in the warm while it snowed outside, the scars and the silly stories behind them all over any of the harder times though.
When I do think of the times life wasn’t so great I take a deep breath and I thank the girl I was for sticking at it and plodding up that hill to be where we are now.

My 27th year has changed me for the better and I am the happiest I have been in a long time, I have amazing …

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